Four Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A…

GPS is becoming a necessity for the travelers. Even if you are a motorcycle user, it is always recommended by the experts that you should always carry a GPS while traveling to an unknown remote place. However, as there are several models for the motorcycle GPS available on the market, it is often a tough decision for a buyer who is purchasing the device for the first time. So, here is the checklist that you should go through while purchasing the best motorcycle GPS.

1. Quality of maps
The first and the most important thing that you should consider while purchasing a new motorcycle GPS, is the quality of the maps it is providing. You can check the quality and reliability by looking a map of a familiar place. This way you can easily judge that whether the device can really be relied up on, or not.

2. Usability
Although you can use your smartphones to look for the maps, but they are NOT designed to be used while driving. So, make sure that the GPS device that you are planning to purchase an be easily used while driving. And has the features that make it useful without distracting the user from driving.

3. Design
While comparing with the car GPS, the motorcycle GPSs need to deal with much harsh weather conditions. So, make sure that the GPs you are planning to buy, can withstand the heavy rains, dirt and other such things that can come across while off-roading. Whether is it is about the frame’s durability, design, or any thing else, you should keep the harsh weather in mind.

4. Value for money
The last thing that you should keep in mind, is the value for money. Compare the features along with the other GPS models available in the market, and then decide whether the product is worth buying, or not. Make sure that the GPS has useful features, and a durable design before making the purchase.

Apart from these, make sure that company provides timely updates to the maps for your device. This will help you rely on the device while going to the unknown places. So, what are you waiting for? Keep these points in mind while purchasing a new GPS device for your motorcycle, and forget about carrying those traditional maps on a road trip.
For those who are looking for some recommendations, here are a few great motorcycle GPSs on which you can rely on: Garmin Zumo 595LM, TomTom Rider 400, and Garmin Montana 680t. So, choose the one that suits your budget and performs well on the above discussed points.

Things You Should Cook in Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are often undervalued as mere bread warmers or horizontal toaster, but there is so much more you can do with a toaster oven than stick a few pieces of bread inside. Whether you’re looking for delicious snack recipes to make before the next big game or for an easy and delicious dinner for your family, you should consider the following things you should definitely cook in your toaster oven in Rookie Kitchen

Roasted nuts and seeds: Buying premade roasted nuts and seeds at the grocery store can be expensive and unhealthy, thanks to large amounts of sodium. But you can make your very own, customized roasted nuts and seeds cheap and easy with your toaster oven. Simply take your preferred nuts or seeds (1 heaping cup is best) and toss them evenly in olive oil before placing them on your aluminum foil lined toaster oven pan. Sprinkle them with salt or whatever seasonings you’d like, toss them one more time for good measure, and back for about 10 to 15 minutes or until they begin to turn brown.

Holiday side dishes: The kitchen can be a very busy—and congested!—place when you’re cooking for the holidays. If you find yourself struggling to free up burners for side dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans or other holiday treats, look no further than your handy toaster oven. Anything you can cook in the oven you can cook in the toaster oven, although depending on the size of the container and you oven you might need to split your side dishes into smaller batches. Just remember to keep an eye on your side dishes while they’re cooking in the toaster oven to ensure they don’t get overcooked or burned.

Defrosting: Most people turn to the microwave to defrost frozen ingredients, but as anyone who has taken the time to defrost something in the oven can tell you, there is a world of difference in the taste and texture of something defrosted in an oven versus a microwave. But defrosting in the full oven can be difficult if you need it to cook something else, or if you don’t feel like warming up the whole house on a hot summer day. Thankfully, you can defrost frozen ingredients just as easily in your toaster oven—without the downside of making your kitchen as hot as a Californian summer. Simply defrost in the toaster oven as you would in the full oven and you’ll enjoy your next meal in no time.

Nest Thermostats

Thermostats are an absolute essential for any new home; whether one buys a new home or rents a new apartment, a fixture to control temperature is a main stay in most any modern living area. Nest thermostats are a leading brand of this temp. control fixture and they have adapted to the growing technology market with their product. This electronics company is known for their ‘wi-fi’ essentials and cameras, but their new age technology spreads into thermostats and appliance essentials as well. Connectivity and design around ease of use with appliances are what Nest truly specializes in. An impressive array of newly minted thermostats is available at many retailers and exchanges online.  

As an American based company, Nest has the confidence to mass produce and release items as a somewhat solo brand without much competition or pressure. This manufacturer focuses on energy expenditure and lacks there of, they want to be a greener friendly company all the while respecting the evolution of modern technology. Thermostats linked to wi-fi and Bluetooth allow home owners to feel stable in controlling their home temperature before they even arrive. The user interface of Nest also topples competition, and they are a formidable thermostat maker because of the decades they have been in business.  

Nest is one of the few staple thermostat makers in the United States, many Chinese and European companies make the outer layer and compasses for most thermostats in home, this is obviously to save money, but investing with an American company like Nest can only provide more input for better technology and create more jobs at home. The smart age is upon society as a whole, and people must make the investment of time and money into companies that are reasonable and moving upward. To the future, we go with appliances and fancy technology!  

Leading the forefront for future modern day appliances is difficult, a company like Nest must read trends and see what kind of simplicity people are willing to pay for. At the end of the day, thermostats are intended to control the most necessary function of our home, and that is the temperature and ambiance around us. A slight change in degree can change an entire room and mood, we as citizens are dependent on larger organizations to provide us reliable, efficient and affordable products. Nest surely conquers these areas and will continue to do so if they keep in this direction!  



The world we know today is completely different from the world we knew five years ago. Things have advanced from mere imagination to reality. Technology has become our daily companion be it at home, schools, church or work place. Home owners can now use automated devices like the robot vacuum to replace man power. A robot vacuum or robovac is a programmed intelligent cleaning machine for home or commercial use. This device not only cuts down hiring expenses but it also leaves your house sparkling clean. In no particular order, here is a list of the best robot vacuum cleaner to check out in 2017.

Samsung Powerbot R9350 Turbo Robot Designed with the latest voice command software, this ROBOVAC can take your natural voice instructions and work accordingly. Samsung Powerbot is popular for its suction power- 70 times stronger cyclone force than the ordinary robovacs. Your houses’ cleanliness is guaranteed because it has the best visionary mapping as well as a full view sensor. In addition, you can remotely control your Samsung robovac using Amazon Alexa software or Samsung Smart Home app. All you need is to connect it to your Wi-Fi and command it.

Dyson 360 EyeThe Dyson robovac is common for its digital motor V2, tank tracks, full-width brush bar and voice controls. With these features, this small, light-weight device gives the best results- twice the normal suction power. The 360-degree eye vision can scan all the corners of your room in a second. Furthermore, this eye view enables it to map out your house. With a high intelligence power, it can detect where it has worked and where it has not. Dyson 360 eye uses the latest technology, Radial Root Cyclone to separate debris from fine dust. You can be assured that no stone will remain unturned with the full-width brush bar on the device. Finally, you can use the Dyson link App that can be downloaded on iOS or on Playstore.

iRobot Roomba 980Are you a lover of hit-tech droids? Worry no more, Roomba 980 is the device for you. It is designed with the best navigation system with an HEPA-filter to do a thorough cleaning in your home. Despite the high market price tag of £800, this robovac is worth owning. Moreover, you can control it from your Google Assistant since it has Google Home software. Roomba 980 can automatically return to its docking station if it runs out of battery. You must try this.

Neato Botvac Connected Neato Botvac is the best robovac for pet lovers. It is best for cleaning pet fur and allergies. This robot cleaner uses LaserSmart technology to clean your house systematically. On to of this, it is designed to recharge automatically with a Lithium battery. This also helps to ensure that the scheduled work is completed on time. Its D-shape allows flexibility in the movement to output the best results in places where other cleaners can not reach. Additionally, the Spinflower Power clean guarantees a sparkling clean house. If you want to save time, you simply switch to turbo mode, however, you must be ready for some extra noise.For the best result in your house, Dyson 360 Eye is the best robot vacuum cleaner for you. Despite the price, it is just unique with the best features you require.

How to Get the Best Smart Speaker

The market has many brands and varieties of Best Smart Speaker. So, when you need one, how do you choose? Your best option is to read reviews and get to know what other users think about this equipment. Armed with this knowledge, you can make a smart choice.

Is reading reviews a waste of time?

The problem with electronics is that you cannot make out the problems in them until you use them for a while. Usually, problems arise after the manufacturer’s warranty is up. So, you do not have an option but to either buy a new set or get your speakers repaired. If you make a good purchase after reading what other users have to say about their speakers, you can save yourself from buying poor quality products that end up being expensive in the long run.

Today, the market is abounding with attractive offers on electronic products. While the regular discounts in brick and mortar stores are attractive enough, the deals provided online are the extremely tempting. What is more, you find companies that you have never heard about offering Smart speaker at a jaw dropping the price. Incidentally, such products claim to be of excellent quality and inclusive of various features that are available Smart speakers from some of the best brands. Such deals naturally tempt people to buy them. The product that ends up in the buyer’s hands might be very dissatisfactory. If only these buyers had taken some time out to read reviews and recommendations online, they could have saved themselves from making a rotten purchase.

Reading reviews about different Smart speakers helps you compare various brands. You can not only compare their cost and technical specifications, but also their actual performance. So, you can pick the right speaker and get good value for the money you spend.

Reviews can be misguiding too

While the benefits of reviews cannot be refuted, you also cannot grudge the fact that they can sometimes misguide you. Several brands pay websites to publish positive reviews about the Smart speakers manufactured by their brand. Several websites accept to publish them as well, without a thought about the genuineness of the product. You need to be wary of such reviews.

Many reviews are written by two sets of people – users and manufacturers. For you to make the correct decision, you need to read both the reviews. Manufacturer review gives you a precise idea about the features and technical specifications of the speaker. For such information, manufacturer’s reviews are the most reliable sources. User reviews are essential to understanding the practical performance of the speaker.

To avoid being misguided, you should refer at least three websites and a few online forums where people discuss the pros and cons of different Smart speaker models. By taking some time out to read several reviews, you can equip yourself with the information required to make a smart purchase.

Smart speakers are a pleasure to have. Just make sure that you make the right choice. Reviews help you do it.