The world we know today is completely different from the world we knew five years ago. Things have advanced from mere imagination to reality. Technology has become our daily companion be it at home, schools, church or work place. Home owners can now use automated devices like the robot vacuum to replace man power. A robot vacuum or robovac is a programmed intelligent cleaning machine for home or commercial use. This device not only cuts down hiring expenses but it also leaves your house sparkling clean. In no particular order, here is a list of the best robot vacuum cleaner to check out in 2017.

Samsung Powerbot R9350 Turbo Robot Designed with the latest voice command software, this ROBOVAC can take your natural voice instructions and work accordingly. Samsung Powerbot is popular for its suction power- 70 times stronger cyclone force than the ordinary robovacs. Your houses’ cleanliness is guaranteed because it has the best visionary mapping as well as a full view sensor. In addition, you can remotely control your Samsung robovac using Amazon Alexa software or Samsung Smart Home app. All you need is to connect it to your Wi-Fi and command it.

Dyson 360 EyeThe Dyson robovac is common for its digital motor V2, tank tracks, full-width brush bar and voice controls. With these features, this small, light-weight device gives the best results- twice the normal suction power. The 360-degree eye vision can scan all the corners of your room in a second. Furthermore, this eye view enables it to map out your house. With a high intelligence power, it can detect where it has worked and where it has not. Dyson 360 eye uses the latest technology, Radial Root Cyclone to separate debris from fine dust. You can be assured that no stone will remain unturned with the full-width brush bar on the device. Finally, you can use the Dyson link App that can be downloaded on iOS or on Playstore.

iRobot Roomba 980Are you a lover of hit-tech droids? Worry no more, Roomba 980 is the device for you. It is designed with the best navigation system with an HEPA-filter to do a thorough cleaning in your home. Despite the high market price tag of £800, this robovac is worth owning. Moreover, you can control it from your Google Assistant since it has Google Home software. Roomba 980 can automatically return to its docking station if it runs out of battery. You must try this.

Neato Botvac Connected Neato Botvac is the best robovac for pet lovers. It is best for cleaning pet fur and allergies. This robot cleaner uses LaserSmart technology to clean your house systematically. On to of this, it is designed to recharge automatically with a Lithium battery. This also helps to ensure that the scheduled work is completed on time. Its D-shape allows flexibility in the movement to output the best results in places where other cleaners can not reach. Additionally, the Spinflower Power clean guarantees a sparkling clean house. If you want to save time, you simply switch to turbo mode, however, you must be ready for some extra noise.For the best result in your house, Dyson 360 Eye is the best robot vacuum cleaner for you. Despite the price, it is just unique with the best features you require.